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Market Anarchist Blog Carnival #4

June 28th, 2007

Welcome to the fourth edition of the Market-Anarchist Blog Carnival, where it is my pleasure to help spread the ideas of liberty to whoever wants it. I’m proud to present a number of worthy submissions this month – and I hope you’ll return for future editions, on or about the 29th of every month. If you’re featured in the Carnival, or if you just really like us, please do us a favor and post a link on your blog.

But enough meta-stuff, you want the content:

The New Pundit argues that “free markets need to be free” and offers rebuttal to all of Hillary Clinton’s recent bullet points, labelling her a communist, and that she appears to be channeling the People’s leader, Hugo Chavez, “I prefer a ‘we’re all in it together society.'” Sounds like unbridled communism, if you ask me.

What this lawyer who apparently never took an economics class failed to mention is the opinion of many economists regarding the best way to bring most of those jobs back to the USA. That would be the elimination of all corporate taxes.

Alex Ramos, of The Freedom to Say 2 + 2 = 4 tackles a subject that gets alot of attention from anarchists: voting. Needless to say, there is a rift between those who approve of the political process and those who do not. The current debate is magnified by the attention received thus far by Ron Paul (R-TX). Alex says he’s a false messiah:

[I]n order to take down the State, we need to rid it of it’s facade of being the legitimate desires of ‘the people’. By participating, we get lumped into ‘the people’, and become part of their statistic of voters. The smaller the number of voters compared to the population, the less they can honestly make the claim that their rule is the will of the majority.

Well, that’s their argument – the will of the majority. Let’s get rid of it.

On the same theme is a newcomer, I’m not sure he’s a total convert yet, but Dan Z of The Meathaus wrote his own diatribe against voting:

As Voltaire said “Man is free the instant he wants to be.” Until the citizens of this country stop being blind and voting into the same system that has failed for years they can never be free. There are some however who see this as the only solution and I now county myself as one of them.

Wenchypoo offers a column about impending depression – or is it rather an ongoing recession? I’m not entirely sure that Wenchy qualifies as anarcho-anything, although it is a good warning against the dangers of fiat reserve currency. Plus, it’s very well written, so in light of maximum exposure, check it out.

The first submission by a self-identified Georgist, Gavin Putland, offers a brilliant piece of satire, which is truly Onion-worthy, if you ask me. Read his answer to rape:

A global alliance of corporate think-tanks has come up with an ingenious market-based system for limiting the incidence of rape. It’s called “rape-rights trading” or, more informally, “cap and trade”. Here’s how it works.

Franc, as usual is spot on – and illuminates the false dichotomies often thrust upon us by politicians and interest groups in this month’s essay on how the Statists attempt to divide and conquer the individuals:

The politicians on each side portray the other as villains, and portray themselves as saviors of an embattled populace. By doing so, they hide the fact that the right and the left are merely dual manifestations of the democratic ruling class and its expansionary interests. They complete each other like two participants in a game of leapfrog…

Olly from Without Hyphens has an interesting read about democracy in action:

This is what the constitution gives us. An arrogance that American society knows what Freedom is, and has a duty to spread it. The constitution is as much as a manifesto as the Communist, or as Mien Kampf … but the difference is, it’s a manifesto that works to hide the fact that it’s a manifesto.

I was unsure if I’d be able to get something together for this issue – I’ve been working on a lot of things, and the best of it is still in my head at the moment, but I was able to finalize one of them on my lunch break this afternoon, it’s a provocative little problem for you:

…Pick pretty much any major tragedy – any event that caused human suffering on an unfathomable scale…

But You’ll have to read it in full.

Don’t forget to join us again next month – and if you feel like contributing, check out the submit page for this carnival.

no third solution

Blogging about liberty, anarchy, economics and politics