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How Is a Government Established?

April 17th, 2008

If I were to ask the Government man, “How does one go about establishing this organization you call ‘Government’?” he might look askance at me, and wonder if I’m not slow in the head. Once I establish that I am not fit to be institutionalized, I imagine he would give me some spiel about the consent of the governed, to protect and ensure tranquility and community, to provide for the general welfare and defense, etc.

But from whence comes this “consent” of the governed? It cannot be shown to derive from any thing such as proper consent. The “consent” argument is easily dispatched by my parable of The Benevolent Invader.

Besides, my question was “How does one establish a government?” I’ll propose to the Government man, that I would like to establish my own government, and that I would like for the Government to respectfully honor my wish to no longer be a part of that union.

“But, a man can’t form a government! That’s crazy-talk! the Government man might protest.

If it be true that one man can’t call himself a government, then, how is it that a group of men come to call themselves the government? If you can’t call yourself a government, and I can’t call myself a government, how can we call ourselves government?

I am digressing, what I mean to ask then, is this: “Other than the accident of birth, which cannot be taken as “consent” of anything, how is it that you, or a group of you, have come to exercise this Lordship over me?”

Since I cannot choose to form my own government (a government of one) then clearly I have not chosen, nor have I consented, to the government under which I live, since I cannot choose the array!

“Poppycock!” the Statist, objects. “If you jump from a building, you do not get to ‘choose’ whether you live or die. If you are lost in the wilderness, you do not have the ‘choice’ of a Queen-sized bed at the Hilton with a double order of bacon for breakfast! You only have the choice between certain death, and the struggle for survival.”

And so it is, with the State! It is the choice between certain death, and acquiescent survival.

There is one substantive difference, however—and you thought I was done! For shame! Stranded in the wilderness, it is only your inaction, viz. your neglect to choose, which guarantees your demise! This is an objective and incontestable fact of reality. On the other hand, in the realm of Governments, it is the State which imposes this choice upon you.

We can conclude that Governments—in every time and place—have been established, ordained and maintained only through conquest and violent force, or the threat thereof. This can be shown by government’s absolute refusal to permit you to form your own government in a manner other than brute force to which it must, through destruction, submit.


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  • Stephan says on: April 25, 2008 at 10:51 pm


    Great post Dave, nice point with the fact that birth cannot be consent to government rules.

no third solution

Blogging about liberty, anarchy, economics and politics