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They’re Both Evil

August 2nd, 2016

When I suggest that Clinton and Trump are both evil, I do mean this literally.

By that logic, every president is evil

Well, yeah, I was getting to that.

And by that logic, you’re evil and I’m evil and we’re all evil

Nope (or, technically, sure, but now it’s a matter of degree).

I’m sure you’ve done some bad things and some wrong thing in your life; we all have, but evil is not the same as those. You may have even done some evil things, again, most of us probably have.

But the power wielded by a President is orders of magnitude greater, and thus affords them the opportunity to do many times more evil. It’s absurd to equivocate the moral failings of e.g., cheating on a girlfriend or an exam in high school with the moral failings of bombing children in Syria, overthrowing another country’s government, continuing the abomination that is the war on drugs, mass surveillance of US citizens, confiscation of properties, etc.

Anyone who intends to do the things that they intend to do and on the scale which they are capable of doing them is manifestly and irrevocably evil.

Conservative Blogs Circulating Fake Court Records for Freddie Gray Jr

April 29th, 2015

NOTE: Updated at 2:31pm Eastern to reflect new or updated information.

A few conservative blogs are circulating some unsubstantiated rumors that Freddie Gray Jr. had spinal surgery a week prior to his fateful arrest and subsequent death in Baltimore Police custody.

Examples of the allegations can be found on Snopes, since I’m not interested in linking to those other blogs. Snopes currently lists this rumor as “unconfirmed”, although they indicate:

The claim appeared almost simultaneously in three places: The Facebook page of Baltimore-based Fox affilate WBFF, the blog The Conservative Treehouse, and the blog The Fourth Estate.

Public records from Maryland County courts were linked, but much of the claim hinged on “sources” and dot-connecting.

At the time of my search, I found this case for Fredericka Gray (Gray’s mother).

unaltered screenshot of a case involving fredericka gray

Due to some 404 errors (the Maryland public records search may have been temporarily offline or overloaded with requests), I was initially unable to find the related 13C14101574, I mistakenly concluded that this screenshot had been doctored to use Freddie’s name in lieu of his mother’s. Case 13C14101574 is from the original screenshots, and so they do not appear to have been altered, as I had originally suspected. Here are the screenshots from that case number:

fake freddie gray court records

In any case, this case involve Gray as party to an out-of-court civil settlement with Allstate, and not from a “recent car accident”.

The Baltimore Sun has since reported that these cases involve the restructuring of that settlement.

Court records examined by the Baltimore Sun show the case had nothing to do with a car accident or a spine injury. Instead, they are connected to a lawsuit alleging that Gray and his sister were injured by exposure lead paint.

Of course it is still possible that Gray was involved in an automobile accident and/or had spinal surgery a week prior to his arrest, but the dots certainly do not connect in the manner that the conservative blogs would have you believe.

And even if Gray had a recent surgery, that still does not absolve the Baltimore Police Department of what appears to be obvious neglect of a suspect in their custody.


WBFF, Baltimore’s Fox affiliate network has since pulled the story from their Facebook page:

Snopes has gone back and forth on this all day, sometimes it is listed as “False” and sometimes as “Undetermined”. Until evidence supporting the “Car accident and surgery” narrative surfaces, though, I’m inclined to believe it’s false.

no third solution

Blogging about liberty, anarchy, economics and politics