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The Strawman Conspiracy Theory

November 20th, 2011

It is an interesting conspiracy theory that I’ve heard bandied about for years but ultimately I think it is just that: an interesting conspiracy theory, and an utter waste of time. Here is a good primer that sums it up:

For an article that explains in detail the intricacies of this conspiracy theory, you’d think they could fact-check the one verifiable piece of information not subject to tin-foil hypotheticals: The Federal Reserve act of 1913 happened 5 years BEFORE the armistice, therefore WWI could NOT have “depleted the treasury” and could NOT have been an impetus for the Fed.

Moving on…

Why is your name in all capital letters on government documents?

Google the “All Caps” thing. Nothing but conspiracy theories all saying more-or-less the same thing. The ALL CAPS version of your name is a shell corporation which is owned by the government/NWO/Rothschilds/Illuminati/etc. You believe that it’s you, they use this ruse to extract your productive labor in order to service the national debt.

Is it true? Some people claim you can get out of all sorts of trouble by invoking your individual sovereignty and rejecting the assertion that you and all caps YOU are one and the same. Try it in court, and let me know how it turns out for you. There are two reasons why I think this portion of the conspiracy theory is utter bullshit:

  1. The idea that there’s this secret loophole, the “Strawman corporation” defense basically assumes that, despite whatever ill intentions led people to set up such an elaborate ruse (to circumvent individual sovereignty), these same usurpers would actually respect individual sovereignty when called on it, is inconceivable.
  2. If these laws are in-fact secret, if most of the people (95%+) don’t even know they exist then fact is, these laws could say anything, which negates the intent of drafting secret laws and then secretly adhering to them in the first place let alone the preposterous notion that the slavemasters can rely on an army of patsies none of whom have any knowledge of what they’re supposed to be enforcing, yet all of whom miraculously enforce the secret laws (that they don’t know about and would probably abhor if they did know about) in exact accordance with the conspiracy theory.
The other reason is that capitals seem easier to deal with. Fifty or 60 years ago, hell even 30 years ago you were talking about typewriters and whatnot, why worry about 52 characters in the alphabet when you could deal with only 26? It simplifies things. Not a bulletproof rebuttal by any means, but certainly worth noting.

Is your birth certificate the government’s title to property (i.e., you)

The theory takes great pain to establish an “obvious” link between birth certificates and warehouse receipts. The theory claims these are printed by the American Banknote Company and as a result of this therefore your birth certificate is a bond which indentures you to pay off or service the national debt (that the debt is held by a private banking cartel is basically true, though).

According to this belief, everything printed by the American Banknote Company is  imbued with some magical properties and in the case of your birth certificate, this magic makes it a “bond” and this makes you liable for some amount of federal debt which you pay off during the course of your life. My principle objections to this part of the theory are elementary:

  1. The ABNC is essentially a printer/engraver who specializes in stock/bond paper, banknotes, and other secure documents. In other words, they make very nice and durable paper, the sort you would naturally choose for documents intended to survive the test of time.
  2. The mere fact that some (or even all) birth certificates were printed on paper by a company that also produces banknotes does not necessarily mean that these birth certificates are bank notes, bonds, etc.
  3. I further doubt the ABNC produces all birth certificates – some are printed by Midwest Banknote Company which, founded in 1956 does not appear to be a subsidiary of ABNC, and according to this report, there are over 14,000 legitimate forms of birth certificates in existence, and they are issued and processed by over 6,000 entities) and that makes it even less believable.

The government really does own you, though

Yes, as a matter of fact we are essentially slaves. I just think this particular conspiracy is mental masturbation, that’s all.

Whether your birth certificate is (according to the secret law) a title establishing someone else’s ownership of “you”, is irrelevant.

The fact of the matter is that nations, or rather their ruling classes, have always treated the working classes as a sort of “capital” or productive property which enables their largesse – that is, the ruling classes have always bought them, sold them, and mortgaged them as collateral for their debt. They don’t need a “warehouse” receipt. Propaganda is usually sufficient and when that fails firepower almost always works.

The trick is to overcome the propaganda and misinformation without drawing fire.

When enough people have  swallowed the proverbial “red pill” the threat of violence will not be sufficient. Their weapons are only useful against individuals, not ideas. And when the idea that we should all be free has blossomed, neither bullets nor batons will be able to keep us enslaved.

Obama’s Birth Certificate Means Nothing

April 27th, 2011

Much ado has been made about Obama’s place of birth. Recently, Donald Trump’s publicity stunt masquerading as presidential campaign breathed new life into the 3-year old rumor that Obama was born in Kenya rather than Hawaii and as such could not serve as President of the United States.

It doesn’t matter where Obama was born.

Whether Obama was born in Kenya or in Hawaii or in Antarctica or on Neptune is irrelevant. He still sold you out to Wall Street. He is still a murderous thug; commander in chief of a dangerously belligerent empire that wages perpetual war in order to secure cheap labor markets and resources for transnational corporations.

His place of birth doesn’t change any of that.

Le Roi est mort! Vive le Roi!

People got mad when Bush extended tax cuts to “the rich” yet Obama gave massive bailouts to Wall Street. People got mad when Bush put innocent people in Guantanamo, but Obama hasn’t released them. People were upset with Bush’s “war for oil”, yet Obama hasn’t withdrawn the troops.  All members of the political class are cut from the same cloth.

Even if someone proves Obama is “foreign born”, what will happen? Some other carefully groomed figurehead would take his place and do the exact same things.

Confessions of an Economic Hitman

May 2nd, 2010

Confessions of an Economic Hit ManI finished John Perkins’ Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, as well as some lighter reading, on the way to and from London a few weeks ago. To be quite honest, once I started reading it I couldn’t put it down. If you haven’t read it, I definitely recommend it.

If you were ever curious about how global empire is maintained in the 20th and in to the 21st centuries, this book will probably tie up a lot of loose ends for you. If you were ever curious about why people all over the globe hate the American government, this book will make sense of it all.

It’s the type of stories you hear from conspiracy theorists and categorically reject as crazy and implausible, like how the World Bank and the IMF, in collusion with big businesses, conspire to keep the third world poor, to exploit their human and natural resources for profit, and suppress any popular dissent.

Here’s Anti-flag song of the same name, inspired by Perkins’ book.

…Abrenz, Mossadeq, Allende
Roldos, Torrijos, Aristide
Elected democratically,
All snuffed out by the CIA
The truth will cause your heart to seize,
Shed light on the true enemies…

no third solution

Blogging about liberty, anarchy, economics and politics