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Your contact form doesn’t work.


You might want to check out Will real anarchists please step forward?


In case it didn’t go through:

First, the list of “contact reasons” is empty.

I was going to add a comment on the blog entry that brought me here because of Carl Watner’s mention in his article on Hard Money ( of the opposite of Gresham’s Law applying in California around the time of the gold rush.I theorized that the effect of Gresham’s Law was a result of government intervention and my Google search for evidence of it brought me to your post.

Anyway, I sent Carl a link to your post and he suggested that I invite you to check out and consider signing up to receive our newsletter that comes out every now and then.If so, the contact form is at

Thanks for having a website!
Dave, webmaster.


I ask your assistance so that I can edit an old street address out of my prior post. Thank you. My e-mail address is: