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The Real Problem

August 1st, 2010

In my estimation this is the only problem that really matters. It’s all encompassing, and it’s practically insurmountable. Commenter Don sums it up succinctly:

These monsters have done things that can never be undone and the total consequences will never be known.

You’re right, Don, but I will go one further: It’s not just depleted uranium or agent orange or Nigerian oil spills that nobody in the developed world ever hears about or the other explicit (albeit hidden) costs of imperialism. The stockpiles of nuclear and other weapons of mass- and indiscriminate destruction; the use of such weapons including depleted uranium, etc., the de facto strip-mining of the Earth’s resources — these are globally existential threats to peace and humanity.

Most people are probably aware of nuclear stockpiles, that cold war remnant with which nobody knows exactly what to do. But there is a reason you’ve probably never heard about the Nigerian oil spills or countless other exploitations of a people and an ecosystem; a reason you’ve probably never heard much about depleted uranium or white phosphorous. They do not want you to know.

And so you don’t.

These aren’t naturally occurring, rather the people at large were manipulated in to sowing the seeds (which will probably one day become the source of our collective destruction), all of these threats had their genesis in the ruling classes’ interests, as a means towards achieving some outcome they desired, consequences be damned.

The issue is this: There are simply no means available to deal with or to mitigate the loss or potential for loss attributable to  many of the problems that the State has created.  Even if we could abolish the state tomorrow, these problems they created which nobody wanted in the first place, remain.

Depleted Uranium is a War Crime

July 27th, 2010

depleted uranium foreverI was going to include a picture or two, instead, go look for yourself: uranium deformities

The US military continues to use depleted uranium in tank armor, ordnance, anti-tank and/or armor-piercing rounds, small arms rounds, etc., despite the fact that DU turns ordinary weapons into radiological dirty bombs, (“They fit the description of a dirty bomb in every way,” says Marion Falk, who spent 20 years building nuclear bombs), much of which is “reduced to radioactive dust particles”.

For instance, during a three week period of conflict in 2003 in Iraq, coalition forces used between 1,000 and 2,000 tons of depleted uranium munitions against the Iraqis, mostly in cities.  Add that to a few hundred tons of DU which were dropped on Iraq during Gulf War I and you’ve got a 20-year recipe for disaster. Unfortunately its lethal efficacy ensures that the Military Industrial Complex will do everything within its power to keep the truth under wraps.

DU is highly valued by armies for its ability to punch through armored vehicles. When a weapon made with a DU tip or core strikes a solid object, like the side of a tank, it goes straight through it and then erupts in a burning cloud of vapor. The vapor settles as dust, which is chemically poisonous and also radioactive.” Q&A Depleted Uranium Weapons

One Major Douglas Rokke, a now outspoken critic and former military expert on DU argues that:

The harmful effects of DU exposure include respiratory and neurological problems, rashes, cancers, kidney and lung damage, joint and muscle pain, fibromyalgia, cataracts, memory loss, changes in the RNA in DNA, causing genetic birth defects, and a host of other conditions associated with exposure to heavy metal toxicity and radiation.

It should be noted that about 33% of the 700,000 US soldiers who fought in the first Gulf War now suffer from the ambiguously named “gulf war syndrome“. Rokke and Falk attribute the various maladies comprising GWS  to DU and/or chemical weapons exposure. What fraction of the Iraqi people suffer a similar fate?

A recent study indicates that Iraqis in the areas most heavily hit by depleted uranium during the current conflict suffer from cancer, leukemia, malformations and birth, infant mortality, and even cancer in adults at rates higher than the survivors in Hiroshima.

Dr Chris Busby said “to produce an effect like [are now seen in Fallujah], some very major mutagenic exposure must have occurred in 2004 when the attacks happened”.

…while he cannot identify the type of armaments used by the Marines, the extent of genetic damage suffered by inhabitants suggests the use of uranium in some form. He said: “My guess is that they used a new weapon against buildings to break through walls and kill those inside.”

Researchers found a 38-fold increase in leukaemia, a ten-fold increase in female breast cancer and significant increases in lymphoma and brain tumours in adults.

Do you notice a pattern?  First, deny everything (as NATO did in Kosovo) and then later they deny or downplay the risks (like the US did with agent orange during and after the Vietnam war).  But the more information becomes available, the worse it looks, and the more it seems that the use of depleted uranium constitutes war crimes (a redundant expression, if there ever was one) is unlikely to cease any time soon.

no third solution

Blogging about liberty, anarchy, economics and politics