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“Synthetic Cannabis” is NOT Synthetic Cannabis

July 6th, 2012

The wiki article on “synthetic cannabis” mentions this:

There is controversy among calling herbal Spice and K2 synthetic cannabis, since none of the chemicals contained in the products are copies of anything found in Cannabis.

Derp. Of course not. There are only a few reasons why people would consciously refer to this stuff as “synthetic cannabis” or “synthetic marijuana”, neither of them are honest:

  • By pretending this is a pot-substitute, the producer can con people in to buying something that isn’t anything at all like pot.
  • Prohibition-mongers adopt this term because it serves their purpose, too: perpetuating a false sense of danger about a non-toxin like cannabis, by associating it with other more dangerous substances. This is the same reason they have to argue that pot is a “gateway drug”.

In both cases, the intention was never to accurately portray these compounds, but rather to create a false association between these compounds and cannabis. As a marketing ruse, this terminology is designed con people in to a false sense of security. As propaganda, it’s designed to instill fear of actual cannabis.

It is important to recognize lies and propaganda when you see them. It is also important to understand that so-called “designer drugs” only exist because of the prohibition on considerably safer alternatives, like actual cannabis.

Surely you don’t want to legalize hard drugs like heroin or cocaine?

February 27th, 2012

Despite all economic theory, and despite all the empirical evidence that suggests prohibition is doomed to failure, let’s pretend that I don’t want to legalize all drugs. But let’s pretend that I’m like a great many people and I’m willing to concede that pot should at least be decriminalized.

Do you have any idea how much would be saved? You could cut the drug war budget by 50% if you just legalized pot, and save billions more from incarceration expenses no longer needed.

Do you have any idea how many (mostly brown, mostly poor – because rich white kids don’t go to jail for pot) lives would not be destroyed? You’d also— overnight — eliminate the profitability of criminal enterprise.

The war on drugs is really the war on pot.


The important takeaway from this infographic is that the war on drugs they’re selling you is not the war on drugs you’re paying for. The violent criminal enterprises and organized crime and Frank Lucas style dealers in every hood is basically bullshit fearmongering. The reality is that 82% of the war on drugs is a war on possession, and 100% of the war on drugs is a war on personal freedom.

It is about control. It is always about control.

no third solution

Blogging about liberty, anarchy, economics and politics