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Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie…

July 6th, 2012

Since the Obama administration has twisted the definition of “enemy combatant” to include “anyone who’s close enough to get exploded by a US missile”, I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise to see a video like this one, where some “heroes” from the 101st Airborne fire a missile at two people walking across the street. And then laugh about it while singing “American Pie”.

And then open fire machine guns on the first responders, which I’m pretty sure is a war crime.

Propaganda is often created to portray soldiers as doing a duty, and that they do not want or like to kill. That is probably true for many, even most soldiers, despite the desensitizing and dehumanizing training that is designed to encourage them otherwise.

“It’s almost impossible to act on your morality. . . . You remove the humanity from them — beat them — and in doing so you remove humanity from yourself.” — Carlos Mejia

It is pretty clear to me that these guys get off on killing. And anyone who gets off on killing is a sociopath, exactly the sort of person who should not be allowed anywhere near a sharp objects, let alone allowed to pilot or gun a fully armed Apache helicopter.

Is there another side to this story? Some secret that might otherwise justify stealth firing a missile at two men walking across the street? Maybe. Even if they’re justified in engaging actual enemy combatants isn’t it disturbing to see someone so callous about taking another life that they would laugh about it?

Just like the “good cop” meme, people will write this off as the uncontrollable actions of “a few bad apples”.  Well, this raises a host of questions about how the bad apples keep making their way in to the system in the first place, and why we only find out about their actions from “leak” sites (don’t the “good” guys want to get these cancers out of their ranks?). No. The fact of the matter is that are probably more bad apples who didn’t get caught and this isn’t an isolated incident.

The only thing necessary for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing.

Even if the bad apples are a small minority, that makes it worse, because that means there is a large majority of “good” soldiers who look the other way when things like this, or Abu Ghraib, or the trophy killings, or the gang rapes, or the massacres, go down.

That makes them just as bad.

“Synthetic Cannabis” is NOT Synthetic Cannabis

July 6th, 2012

The wiki article on “synthetic cannabis” mentions this:

There is controversy among calling herbal Spice and K2 synthetic cannabis, since none of the chemicals contained in the products are copies of anything found in Cannabis.

Derp. Of course not. There are only a few reasons why people would consciously refer to this stuff as “synthetic cannabis” or “synthetic marijuana”, neither of them are honest:

  • By pretending this is a pot-substitute, the producer can con people in to buying something that isn’t anything at all like pot.
  • Prohibition-mongers adopt this term because it serves their purpose, too: perpetuating a false sense of danger about a non-toxin like cannabis, by associating it with other more dangerous substances. This is the same reason they have to argue that pot is a “gateway drug”.

In both cases, the intention was never to accurately portray these compounds, but rather to create a false association between these compounds and cannabis. As a marketing ruse, this terminology is designed con people in to a false sense of security. As propaganda, it’s designed to instill fear of actual cannabis.

It is important to recognize lies and propaganda when you see them. It is also important to understand that so-called “designer drugs” only exist because of the prohibition on considerably safer alternatives, like actual cannabis.

Big Agribusiness Opposes GMO Labeling Requirements

May 25th, 2012

Quoth Cathleen Enright, executive VP at the “Biotechnology Industry Organization”, a mouthpiece for dangerous chemical manufacturers like DuPont and Monsanto, who blessed the world with such known poisons as Agent Orange:

These folks [those who want more labeling requirements] are trying to use politics to do what they can’t accomplish at the supermarket, which is increase market share.

You disingenuous bitch:

Michael Talyor, former Monsanto lawyer & lobbyist, now FDA Deputy Commissioner for Foods

Michael Talyor, former Monsanto lawyer & lobbyist, now FDA Deputy Commissioner for Foods


What was that about using politics where you can’t win in the marketplace?

To suggest that “farmers” are upset about a grassroots effort for more labeling requirements for genetically modified foods is simply a gross misrepresentation. Not “farmers”, rather well-connected big businesses and factory “famrs” are upset about this, because their MO is always to use legislation to squash their smaller competitors.

no third solution

Blogging about liberty, anarchy, economics and politics