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Lines in the Sand (updated)

July 23rd, 2006

A century of Western meddling in mid-east affairs has done nothing to alleviate the millenia-old struggles, and in many senses, as we’re seeing played out on Live TV these past few weeks, it has positively exacerbated the situation. We need to ultimately realize, in this region (the middle east), the lines draw on the map at various peace treaties, are ultimately nothing more than arbitrary lines on a map. No consideration was given to the array of ethnic differences and disputes, the traditional tribal boundaries, the varied people, cultures, etc. And it is foolish now to assume that all those unique factions will wake up, and experience collective renaissance, simultaneously recognize the arbitrary lines in the sand as anything approaching legitimacy.

Drawing lines in the sand, literally and figuratively, may work wonders when dealing with six-year-olds on the playground. But this is no playground, and these are not six-year-olds. These are people without States, and States bent on keeping it that way.

update: 9.49am 7/24/2006

Over at Tech Central Station today, Austin Bay draws a similar conclusion, noting that:

Everybody’s got to be somewhere, but maps and UN seats and press bureaus don’t make an effective nation state; they are the trappings of state-dom.

Weaknesses in the Westphalian system exist, in part because it has never been a complete system. … Westphalia’s “nation-state” system has always faced “gaps” (anarchic regions) and “failed states” (which are often collapsing tribal empires with the trappings of modernity, not the institutions).

Israel says disarming Hezbollah is one of its objectives. But to truly achieve that goal — to stop the rockets, in any permanent way — means ending Iran’s and Syria’s ability to hijack Lebanese neighborhoods.

The consequences of such an objective, however, are dire – to say the least.

And that means holding Iran and Syria responsible for hijacking Lebanon and supporting Hezbollah’s rain of rocket terror. Holding Iran and Syria responsible may well mean taking the war to Tehran and Damascus.

Permit me to don my tinfoil hat and predict that this sort of conflict might just plunge the world into another great war. Beautiful.


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no third solution

Blogging about liberty, anarchy, economics and politics