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The Pot & The Kettle

August 10th, 2006

I previously questioned the nature of the operation in which the two Israeli soldiers (an aside: when was the last time you heard mention of them?) were kidnapped; being the scapegoat catalyst for the current conflict:

…When you send your boys into combat (and I’d wager they were operating somewhere they probably shouldn’t have been, but I might be mistaken), you need to expect this sort of outcome. Soldiers die. Soldiers are taken prisoner. To turn around and use it as an excuse to indiscriminately bomb a civilian airport, and the surrounding neighborhoods, well, that’s pretty much what I’d call terrorism…”

Well, now it seems like the pot might be calling the kettle “black.” Kevin Sites reports for Yahoo! News, and suggests that IDF were, in fact, retaliatory.

“One Middle East source with an intimate knowledge of Hezbollah, who wishes to remain anonymous because he’s still involved in back-channel negotiations, says that Hezbollah’s July 12 kidnapping of the two IDF soldiers was instigated, in part, by the earlier reneging by the Israeli government on a prisoner swap with Hezbollah.

“These kind of kidnappings are perpetrated by both sides,” says the source. “The Israelis have routinely landed helicopters in Lebanon, scooped up people and taken them back to Israel. It’s nothing so extraordinary.”

I don’t doubt this. Israel is renowned for “not fucking around.” She has no reservations when it comes to kidnapping, to assassination, to side-stepping democracy and turning a blind eye to human rights. It’s not always easy to substantiate claims made by anonymous back-channel negotiators, but at least it’s a start.


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no third solution

Blogging about liberty, anarchy, economics and politics