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Discrimination Writ Large: Hamtramck Evictions

May 22nd, 2008

People are soooo unimaginative when it comes to arguments in favor of governments; the common protests usually include a laundry-list of potentialities, of which most governments are already guilty! The wealthy, for instance, might rise as a ruling class and buy most of the usable land, thus causing the dispossessed to live in a perpetual servile state. The land monopolists would choke production, living off the toil of others while at the same time, damning them to servitude. This is essentially the modus operandi of a State which produces nothing of value, living off the productive capacity of its citizens, who sustain it only under duress.

Look at what happened in Hamtramck, (permalink PDF) Michigan, in the 1960s:

[T]errible things were happening in the Grand Haven-Dyar-Dequindre neighborhood, one of three sections of Hamtramck that were heavily African-American.

The city stopped maintaining the streets and the sewers, basements filled with unsanitary overflow and toilets wouldn’t flush. And in other African-American neighborhoods, whole blocks were razed for ‘urban renewal.’

Thirty years, and millions of Federal subsidies later, Hamtramck is being ordered to provide restitution to the victims and their families. Even the solution to this injustice involves stealing money from other innocents in order to compensate the injured parties!

To call these events mere “discrimination” would itself be an injustice. This was racial warfare, mass-eviction, a forced exodus; the scope of which can only ever be perpetrated by governments as monopolistic institutions of organized violence.

The State routinely steals land from its citizens under the auspice of eminent domain. Through land-use and zoning requirements, along with other chicanery pertaining thereto, the State prevents people from fully exercising their property rights. The State keeps people poor and hungry and dependent on its welfare schemes by forcefully preventing them from bettering their own lives by reclaiming abandoned property.

The State is the single biggest perpetrator of the injustices that some people imagine would arise in a free market, and it can perpetrate these injustices on a scale otherwise unachievable.


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no third solution

Blogging about liberty, anarchy, economics and politics