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ObamaCare is National Socialism

June 24th, 2009

For the record: I can’t wait until the lustre of the Obama Miracle Machine begins to fade, when people wake up and realize that he can’t turn water to wine; like every other mortal, he’s only capable of turning water into piss.

Why? Because I’m tired of hearing about single-payer healthcare, national healthcare, Obamacare. It’s failed in Canada. It’s failed in the U.K. It’s failed in Japan. The nearest American control group for this pitiful experiment is Massachussetts where, (you guessed it!) it’s another epic fail.

National Healthcare’s awful track record notwithstanding, “our government” is still attempting to bring Obamacare to fruition.

House Democrats on Friday (June 19, 2009) unveiled draft legislation they said would cover virtually all of the nation’s nearly 50 million uninsured as President Barack Obama has promised. However, they offered few details on how to pay for it.

For starters, claiming that there are 50 million uninsureds is about as dishonest as it gets. Seventy-five percent of those “50 million” are either disproportionately young, disproportionately wealthy, or disproportionately not-even-fucking-citizens. So 50 million people who don’t have insurance because they don’t want it, are too lazy to use the programs already available, or don’t qualify for welfare on account of not being citizens, and this is somehow a national crisis?

No. The only crisis is the looming decision on how to pay for it. Obamacare will almost certainly be financed by a tax increase of some sort.

Higher taxes on upper-income households appear likely, but broad levies — even a federal sales tax — are also under discussion.

One of the reasons given for nationalizing healthcare is that (although this is disputed) the few uninsured folks cost the rest of us a few hundred to perhaps $1,000 each year. Perhaps the few people who are truly uncovered are costing me a few bucks a week in implicit costs. Perhaps. But the solution here given—the best solution that government could come up with is: let’s make the costs explicit.

So much for not raising taxes on the middle class! I’ve even heard that benefits from my employer—several hundred dollars per month—might be taxed to pay for Obamacare.

Ironic. Raise my taxes in order to pay for something that I’m already (allegedly) paying for in the first place. Let’s cut the crap and call a turd a “turd,” OK. This isn’t about healthcare. It’s not about welfare or well-being or compassion or any of that flowery language that politicians use like some fourth-grade Fashionista with a Bedazzler and a few too many sequins.

Pure and simple: this is about control.

It would require all individuals to obtain health insurance and force employers to offer coverage to their workers, with exemptions for small businesses

If you don’t want it, you buy it. If you can’t afford to offer it to your employees, you become a “small business” or you go out of business.  Or else you go to jail. Every time you read the words “require” and “force” in this context, understand that there is nothing but violence behind it.

Control over healthcare expenses puts all individuals in a very precarious position with regards to their government, since the government will have a very effective but essentially invisible means of control, of social engineering. Like every other arena in which Federal funds play, there will be “strings attached”; obliged to provide us with healthcare, the government will begin making choices regarding what’s left of our personal liberties.

Given a few hours, I could probably come up with a list a mile long, but try these on for starters.

  • We don’t provide treatment to the elderly. Budget constraints.
  • We don’t provide treatment to gays. High-risk lifestyle.
  • We don’t provide treatment for hairlips. Aesthetic/non-essential.
  • We don’t provide treatment to fat people. Lifestyle choice.
  • We don’t cover your broken wrist; snowboarding accidents are excluded.

It might begin quietly, with certain foods or habits (transfats, alcohol, tobacco, etc) but will eventually impact lifestyle choices of all sorts. Your freedoms, my freedoms, pitted against one another in a popular vote, they’ll ask each of us to vote away the others’ liberties.  Many will play along, willingly.  And no matter who wins, we all lose, as more and more power accrues to the government.

It’s war against community, for the health of the State.




no third solution

Blogging about liberty, anarchy, economics and politics