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State Sponsored Terrorism is Still Terrorism

July 13th, 2006

Earlier today (not here), someone tried to take me to task for my opinions on the current Israeli-quagmire. I do not intend to justify the actions of Hamas or Hezbollah, but I’ll stop short of full condemnation. They are supporting the Palestinian cause for independence against the 13th largest military in the world (for a nation the size of New Jersey.) Do these groups commit acts of terrorism? However you might define it, yeah, they probably do. But Israel’s track record is nothing short of horrendous. Try doing a search for the Sabra & Chatila refugee camp massacres – which were carried out by the warring faction in Lebanon which was at the time amenable to Israel’s cause. Israel has a nasty habit of targeting civilian infrastructure, and using truly nasty weapons like white phosphorous (in a Jewish newspaper, no less!), not for illumination, but as an antipersonnel device. Charming. Keep digging – it gets worse.

So yeah, I think there’s a problem with the severe disproportionality of the current Israeli response in and about Lebanon? They’ve only done everything they can to isolate the nation from the world – in other words, they’re pretty much trying to lay siege to a nation. And if that’s not enough, consider the absolutely indiscriminate attacks on civilian areas:

Israeli war planes targeted bridges and other infrastructure, especially in the south of Lebanon. Many people stayed up all night waiting with dread.

“Israel imposed a full naval blockade on Lebanon on Thursday and put Beirut’s international airport out of commission, and the militant group Hezbollah loosed a hail of rockets and mortar shells that killed two Israelis and sent thousands into bomb shelters … “

In a statement issued by the European Union’s Finnish president, the great majority of the blame lies with Israel,

“The European Union is greatly concerned about the disproportionate use of force by Israel in Lebanon in response to attacks by Hezbollah on Israel,” it said. “The presidency deplores the loss of civilian lives and the destruction of civilian infrastructure. The imposition of an air and sea blockade on Lebanon cannot be justified.”(emphasis mine) … “One cannot justify the continued destruction by Israel of the civilian infrastructure in Lebanon and in Palestinian territory, involving the disproportionate use of force in which the civilian population suffers,” said a Russian statement.

No shit.

More on Israeli Terrorism

July 13th, 2006

In an e-mail from my brother today:

Everything they do is under the guise of “self defense” incluidng blowing up civilian bridges, killing whole families that their elite Shin Bet intelligence agency seems to not know are in houses and blowing up the runway of a new 500 million dollar airport that was the crown jewel in Lebanon’s recovery from the previoulsy insitgated civil war. I would love nothing more than to see Israel just crushed by their neighbors and you know if they weren’t spoon-fed nuclear arms by the US and supported by our military it would happen, they have become more of a burden then they ever will be of a help…

And for those of you who might take exception to his point of view; bear in mind he was a history major in college and focused pretty much exclusively on middle-east history of the 20th century.

We would both suggest:

Amputate it.

July 13th, 2006

Allow me to be the suggest that as a matter of security, and of principle it is absolutely imperative that we dump Israel. That rectifatory land-grab known as the Israeli “state” is a liability in every sense of the word. Sure, some claim that it’s nice to have a political ally in the middle east, but I know that many of the other governments would be more amenable to the US if we’d stop giving Israel a carte blanche, to do as she pleases. Israel is a gangrenous limb that needs to be amputated from all aspects of American foreign policy. It would be time to start treating her as a rogue nation if we weren’t so responsible for what she’s become.

“Amir Peretz, defence minister, said his forces would no longer allow Hizbollah guerrillas to occupy positions along the southern Lebanese border, in remarks that implied the re-creation of the “buffer-zone” that Israel occupied until it’s withdrawal from Lebanon six years ago.(via”

Take your lumps, Israel. When you send your boys into combat (and I’d wager they were operating somewhere they probably shouldn’t have been, but I might be mistaken), you need to expect this sort of outcome. Soldiers die. Soldiers are taken prisoner. To turn around and use it as an excuse to indiscriminately bomb a civilian airport, and the surrounding neighborhoods, well, that’s pretty much what I’d call terrorism. I’m sick of euphemisms.

I have a feeling, that if Israel didn’t believe they had the unquestioned power of the United States military behind it, she would be much less likely to engage herself in hostilities. After all, she seems more than willing and able to fight her own battles. And we need to let her do this – it is neither our place, nor our responsibility to police the world, to right past wrongs from a hundred years ago or more. Besides, if anyone needs to be done right, it’s the Palestinians, whose rights were unanimously ignored at Versailles, when the Western allied powers basically drew a bunch of arbitrary lines on the globe and said to the Jews, “Here, you like the desert? How about this nice piece of ocean-front property?”

“What we are saying is that the prisoners in our hands will not return to Israel except through indirect negotiations and the exchange of prisoners,” …The two soldiers were safe, [Nasrallah] added, and being held in a “far corner of Lebanon…If they are thinking about military operations to recover them they are dreaming.”

Good for you, Lebanon. It’s only all too unfortunate that you’re the perennial scapegoat of Israeli aggression. I used to understand whatever measures we might want to take to assist them in protecting their sovereignty, but even that, I think is questionable these days. You cannot go to war with a nation when your enemies are individual, radical ideologues. When a fringe group of militant Palestinians with Lebanese passports strike out against you, the only rational response, is of course, to rain fire upon apartment buildings in Beirut. Charming.

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