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Where Have I Been?

March 10th, 2008

I have been away from blogging, and hope to make a triumphant return in the very near future. I have recently been contacted to do an interview for another blog/podcaster, and I’ve never done one of these before so i really have no idea what it might entail. I’m looking forward to it, though.

I recently returned from a vacation in Jackson, WY which was amazing. Also, the weather has been reasonable in Michigan the last week or two, so I’m considering this “bonus winter” and using these last few opportunities to hit the slopes before A) the snow melts and B) my first mortgage payment is due. In other news (I may or may not have mentioned it) I closed on my first house at the end of February, right after I returned from vacation, and I’m in the process of moving in, updating fixtures, replacing light bulbs, garage door-opener batteries, etc., so it’s been a rather busy past few weeks.

I have a number of drafts I’ve been working on, but none of them are a very high priority at present. I wish that weren’t the case, but I can’t force good blogging. I haven’t read very much recently, but now that I don’t have a TV, I might pick up one of the several books I’ve been meaning to read. I also have a queue of on-line reading to do, but I don’t have the cable installed at the house yet, and the neighbors’ wi-fi signals are all encrypted.

I have no idea what’s been happening in the world lately.

The headlines haven’t changed much.

New York Governor Linked to Prostitution Ring. I bet he’ll apologize for it, claim to suffer from some “sickness,” seek “help” from a religious organization, and repent for his sins. Oh, and he’ll continue to send other people to jail for the same thing.

Elected official + sex scandal
sound familiar? Yeah, we have our own high-profile scandal in Detroit, where the Mayor’s combination of connivery and infidelity has cost the City taxpayers over $9M.

Five American Soldiers Killed in Baghdad. “The blast was one of the worst single attacks on the U.S. military in months.” Seems like every time I read this sort of article, the lede is the same: one of the worst single attacks… What are they fighting for, again?

Democrats Request Blackwater Inquiry. Because they’re unaccountable thugs and murderers? No. Because the government doesn’t like the fact that Blackwater classifies its employees as “independent contractors” which deprives the government of the taxes they might collect were Blackwater to consider them “employees.”

Looks like more of the same shit, different day…


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Blogging about liberty, anarchy, economics and politics