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Apathy, Taxes and Bailouts

September 22nd, 2008

Probably the single, worst argument I’ve heard, not to get upset about the bailouts:

As much as I find the recent government bailouts revolting, I can’t get as outraged as some. They’re not using my money. Any money that came from me stopped being mine on April 15th.

Tillman’s post seems to make a great deal of sense, by which I mean, every conclusion he reaches is factually consistent: taxation is theft, government is a sham, the man has his boot on your neck, the wool is over your eyes, &c.

Every damn point, he nails it, except where it matters most.

He argues that the money doesn’t belong to the taxpayers because that idea “smacks of collectivism,” whatever that means. Mr. Tillman, if you concede that the money isn’t yours, never was yours, then you no longer have any reason to complain about anything that the government does in your name. If the money isn’t yours to begin with, then taxation can’t be theft. The argument crumbles under its own glaring inconsistencies.

I guess you can rationalize just about anything, I’ve just never seen it done on this low a level, before.

He has the gall to suggest that last vulgar display of corporate welfare doesn’t worry him, and they shouldn’t worry me, because it’s “not our money.”

Excuse me! Not our money?

Whose backs were broken earning that money? Who plowed the fields? Stocked the shelves? Performed diagnostic tests? Who bound the books? Balanced the books? Tendered payment? Served french fries? Kept the clients coming back for more?


Apathy of this sort is present in someone who admits defeat. Apathy like this is slave mentality.

To be sure, the cost of the bailout is staggering, and sure, the money used to pay for it is either going to be printed out of thin air, or siphoned invisibly from our paychecks every fortnight, but that doesn’t make it any less wrong. It doesn’t make it any more tolerable.

This crime may usurp, but it doesn’t invalidate the property right we each have to the product of our own labor.


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no third solution

Blogging about liberty, anarchy, economics and politics