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Child Abusers in Uniform

May 16th, 2009

Bad: 43 children being shot with stun guns by police/penal system employees for no good reason.

A total of 43 children were blasted with stun guns as part of an “educational” program during visits at three state corrections facilities during “Take Your Sons and Daughters to Work Day,” a state investigation revealed Friday.

Worse: The children were not accused or suspected of any crimes.

Worser: The parents knew about it.

Worst: The parents “consented” to it, which is just slightly worse than the fact that the police/prison system employs the sort of person who is happy to shoot a stun gun at a child on a field trip for no good reason.  This wasn’t education, it was sadism. It’s child-abuse.

None of the children were seriously harmed by the stun guns, which is hard to believe considering the electric charge that is sent through the target’s body is enough to make a grown man have to change his pants.

And they’ve been known to kill grown men in the past, too. But since nobody was hurt, the officers will be “disciplined” and everything is OK.

…The officers apparently don’t get much of a chance to use the stun guns and probably had an itchy trigger finger…. [T]he guns have not been used on any of the 100,000 inmates so far this year.

A hundred thousand inmates so far this year haven’t warranted a single stun-gunning, yet somehow, the parents of 43 children decided that it would be OK to allow some sadist to zap their kids. I wonder if any of the correctional employees even questioned why they were being asked to stun-gun children? Somehow, I doubt it. This is not the behavior of normal, well-adjusted members of society. This is the behavior of drones.

I don’t think it’s inappropriate to suggest that these parents should lose their children, no questions asked. And I don’t think it’s inapproprite to suggest that every single accomplice-employee to this incident should be summarily fired: do not pass go, do not collect $200, no pension, no severance, nothing. If you’re lucky, you don’t end up in the clink yourself.

Although I’d certainly be willing to impose a much more severe form of punishment on anyone so willing to abuse a child in that manner.

I’m out of words. All out of words…

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no third solution

Blogging about liberty, anarchy, economics and politics