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Afghanistan Has Not Been Liberated (Part 2 of ??)

May 15th, 2009

In the wake of a bombing raid in Afghanistan last week, which took the lives of perhaps 100 civilians a confirmed 150 civilians, at least 95 of whom were children, I mentioned in passing that, unfortunately it was not the first of such raids. For penance,

The Pentagon … promised to launch a joint investigation with the Afghan government…

Whatever they concluded, it appears that the investigation will not culminate in an end to the mass-murder of innocent civilians

President Karzai has demanded a halt to Washington’s airstrikes in his country following the deadly incident.

Washington says it will not stop airstrikes in Afghanistan which have frequently led to civilian casualties across the violence-wracked country.

And if it couldn’t get any worse, questions are now being raised about the use of white phosphorous, a particularly nasty incendiary weapon, which as far as I’m aware is banned by the Geneva Convention as an anti-personnel weapon.

Despite the fact that the company line says that the U.S. has already “won”, and that Afghanistan has already been “liberated”, Washington, however, has no intention of stopping any time soon, which means we get to read more about how the Commander-in-Chief very much regrets these “accidents”.

A hundred and fifty innocents, half children, is not an accident. Most people, most of the time, take reasonable precautions to prevent accidents. They don’t spit in the faces of their victims, declaring no end to the indiscriminate practices which cause so much death and destruction. A hundred and fifty kids is three or four classrooms full of kids. In many elementary schools in the U.S., that would be an entire grade-level, or two.

And it’s not “collateral damage” (as if that euphemism absolves guilt!), it’s mass-fucking-murder.

…And people wonder why they hate us.

no third solution

Blogging about liberty, anarchy, economics and politics