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Don’t Tell Me You’re Not a Racist

June 21st, 2010

If you go around saying things like this:

i don’t blame the govt for blacks lack of achievement. there’s something called “personal responsibility” that liberals find hard to comprehend.

see, you were taught at college that brown people are the same as us, and that really it is always someone else’s fault that they are violent, have a lot of fatherless kids, commit lots of crime, etc. as if european standards of civility and ethics have nothing to do with the overall higher achievement of people of euro descent.

in fact, the more “equitable” things became for blacks in this country the worse they got.

at what point do you actually hold people responsible for their own bullshit? you can throw all the money and pity you want at these people, but if you do not hold them responsible for being stupid and uncivilized–then how will they ever grow?

You can try and hide behind all sorts of made up statistics and anecdotal “evidence” about white-euro superiority, but you’re as racist as the day is long.

For the record, I don’t want to throw money or pity at anyone. I want to stop throwing money at (or more specifically, stop having my money taken from me in order to support ) organizations and institutions responsible for perpetuating injustices. Those  “European standards of civility and ethics” to which you attribute white/Euro superiority, you got it, that’s the same “standards of civility” that systematically dispossessed all of the North American aboriginal people under the doctrine of Manifest Destiny, that institutionalized chattel slavery on a scale never before seen, which further perpetuated the subjugation of freed slaves under color of law for a century after the civil war had ended, etc.

I’m not blaming anyone alive today for those injustices. But it’s absurd to pretend that they didn’t happen, or that they have had no influence on whatever cultural differences exist between various ethnic groups today.

no third solution

Blogging about liberty, anarchy, economics and politics