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Illegal Immigration

May 2nd, 2008

For the better part of American history, there were quite simply, no immigration laws. And the land survived wave after wave of immigrants, from the dastardly Germans, to the drunken Irish, to the opiated Chinese. As I previously analyzed immigration,

From 1800 through 2000, the population of the United States increased 51-fold! During that period…population growth was generally declining. The population is only 3.6 times bigger than it was 100 years ago, at which point it was over 14 times larger than it was a century earlier.

Each new wave of immigrants revived a xenophobic fear of foreigners, that in recent times has become increasingly nationalist in nature. But ultimately, the new population survived, and the nation thrived.

Apparently, nobody was paying attention:

Greg Palmore, spokesman for ICE in Michigan and Ohio, said deportations are increasing every year. They jumped to 4,144 last year from 2,974 in 2006 in Michigan and Ohio and to 280,523 from 205,430 over the same period nationwide.

“Yes, immigration enforcement is very active,” Palmore said. “One of our key priorities is to restore integrity to the nation’s immigration laws.”

“You’ve got to remember that the duty of the immigration agents and officers is to enforce the nation’s immigration laws. Enforcing the law is not optional for us, it’s our duty.”

There is no integrity to restore, unless Mr. Palmore is willing to advocate the dismantling of his department and the repeal of immigration laws. There can be no integrity in any law which brands people as criminals merely on the basis of where they happened to be born. A law preventing free migration of people is a crime.

Mr. Palmore’s statement is the typical Statist argument which has never been valid. “I was just following orders” doesn’t count. He would be wise to remember that it was the duty of German soldiers to summarily execute millions of innocents during the second World War. They tried the very same logic at Nuremburg.

Even to-day, there is no one forcing him to uphold those particular laws. At some point, Mr. Palmore and his co-conspirators were faced with a moral decision: to take that job and enforce those laws of their own volition, or to take a different job.

It seems Mr. Palmore finds nothing wrong with pointing a gun at someone who has done nothing wrong—he chose the former.

no third solution

Blogging about liberty, anarchy, economics and politics