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Are the Russian Spies a Pretext for the Internet Kill Switch?

July 1st, 2010

Earlier this week it was announced that a few Russian spies had been captured operating in the U.S. That’s interesting, and I’m actually surprised that the media hasn’t made a big deal out of it.  Because it’s not. The Wall Street Journal cites a number of sources that say this story, with even as little attention as it has garnered, is still blown out of proportion.

  • Philip Shenon at The Daily Beast indicates that “The Justice Department and the F.B.I. have been unable to point to a single significant piece of classified information that the so-called spies obtained during their many years in the United States; none of the suspects is accused of espionage.”
  • Daniel Drezner, at Foreign Policy calls it the “lamest espionage conspiracy….ever.”

What is notable, is that these “spies” had allegedly been passing information to the Motherland in a manner that was previously only theoretically possible:

The accused spies posted the seemingly mundane photos on publicly accessible websites, but then extracted coded messages from the computer data of the pictures, according to the criminal complaint filed by the FBI. Although computer scientists have theorized about the existence of this communication technique for over a decade, this is the first publicly acknowledged use of the technique.

Off-the-cuff, you kinda have to wonder if this is some sort of pretext for the Orwellian “internet kill switch”, which would really concentrate the dissemination of information and “opinion” among the state-sanctioned media outlets, who would of course remain fair and impartial as they repeat the ruling party’s propaganda, and it would be the coup de grace for whatever vestiges remain of our freedoms of speech and information.



  • Mike Gogulski says on: July 2, 2010 at 12:24 pm


    Meaningless sidebar: Image-based digital steganography, the “theoretical” technology referred to, is nothing new. Home PC applications have been available for decades. cf Wikipedia.

  • THrob says on: July 3, 2010 at 12:52 pm


    They we’re popped for the same crimes all illegal aliens are: No papers and false Id’s.

    Why was an immigration bust big news – well the Russians just ain’t going along with the US Hegemony and Embezzlement game the US is running on the world – they ain’t supporting Zogville’s genocide plan in Iran. The Russians are showing a profit without the Zogvillian middle men we have here, like the Fed!

    Remember Bush at the Olympics with Putin when the US sponsored and US special forces attacked Oddetia (Georgia). School boy pranks is what e’ve been reduced to.

    It to be embarrassing – now it’s comforting – when the worm turns those squirrels stoned on a fix of “high and mighty sanctimony” will be easy pickens for sure.

    Let’s not forget – US assets are in the sky and all of a sudden, after trying to embarrass the visiting president of Russia with an immigration violation wrapped in the dumbed down container as a “spy ring”, the Russian Progress maneuvering to supply the space station all of a sudden had telemetry problems – something that had never happened in the hundreds of resupply missions before. If there are problems on the space station, the only way back are Russian reentry vehicles.

    The Russians are, for sure, a lot smarter than we are – why the charade over a minor Russian immigration?

    Noted: There is a rash a priest sex abuse cases before any US War Bank genocide, but nary a word about the Mohels gutting for organs, abusing children or selling cocain.

    US and last remaining ally, Zogmania, are in the Persian Gulf and the Russians don’t want any US troops on it’s borders.

    Why the Russia Spy Circus – think! This is your brain on hope and change.

no third solution

Blogging about liberty, anarchy, economics and politics