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Wikileaks: The Only Talking Point You Need

November 29th, 2010

When discussing Wikileaks, there is only one talking point which you absolutely must commit to memory (if you need more than another, it might help to discuss the big picture). This is really the only argument you need. It also works perfectly well as a rebuttal to whatever arguments someone might come up with in order to try and criminalize Wikileaks:

Revealing crimes committed by the State or its agents (under the euphemism of “State secrets”) does not hurt American interests, endanger American lives, nor is it treasonous or otherwise criminal. What hurts American interests, continually endangers Americans both at home and abroad, and is criminal to the highest degree, is committing those crimes in the first place.

wikileaksEver hear that old adage, “don’t shoot the messenger”?  Yeah. Same thing. There are only two reasons why anyone would react with hostility when an organization like Wikileaks makes these secrets public:  Either they are criminals afraid of being brought to justice, or they are in ignorant denial.

For your entire life you’ve been duped in to believing and supporting those crimes. You’ve been told that they weren’t crimes, and with the truth hidden from view it was easy to believe. You’ve been taking that blue pill all your life but when the truth comes out, you snap because you have so much invested in believing in and perpetuating the lie.

Just swallow another pill and when you wake up you can go on believing whatever you want to believe.

It is important to mind the nature of these secrets: They are kept by and between criminals, with criminal intent, to hide the fact that crimes have been committed. Revealing the truth behind these crimes, of course, will further endanger some of their co-conspirators and some unknowing accomplices.  Anyone who is knowingly involved in keeping evidence of those crimes a secret is an enemy to liberty.

If you are concerned about the safety and well-being of friends and family who may be unknowing accomplices, I can understand and sympathize.  A certain number of unknowing accomplices will likely be placed in more danger than they already find themselves, but the genesis of this danger all goes back to the crimes to which they are accomplices.

They are already in danger because of their involvement.

They alone are responsible for the consequences of their actions.   They alone, are ultimately responsible for the moral judgment that leads them down whichever path they’ve chosen in life. And they alone are responsible for their ignorance.

Let them know it. You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink.

It serves no justice to join that conspiracy, to suppress the truth and keep those crimes secret.  Instead, you need to do whatever is justly within your power to get them to take the red pill, instead.

Destroying Wikileaks will not reduce the danger to which Americans and American interests are exposed.  Silencing the whistleblowers does not make the crimes disappear from anywhere except public knowledge, but like the tree falling in the forest when nobody is there to hear it, these crimes still happened.  Burying your head in the sand will not make America safer, it will not make the world safer, it will not end tyranny or spawn liberty. Anywhere.  You can take that to the bank.

In order to end the danger, it is necessary to end the criminal acts which motivate others to threaten “us”:

Stop exploiting the third world’s resources for corporate greed. Stop exploiting the people who were born in to those countries for cheap labor.  Stop installing puppet governments in the banana republic remnants of European colonialism and its aftermath, American Imperial Hegemony and transnational-capitalism. Stop using the most powerfully destructive military in the world to secure and defend corporate interests abroad while despots you put in power (“to keep the world safe for democracy” or some other such nonsense) commit crimes against humanity. Stop blitzkrieging the poorest countries in the world after you fail to reign in the despots that you previously installed.

It’s that simple: to get people to stop hating you, just stop hurting them.

h/t Brad Spangler for the inspiration.

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Blogging about liberty, anarchy, economics and politics