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The Real Problem

August 1st, 2010

In my estimation this is the only problem that really matters. It’s all encompassing, and it’s practically insurmountable. Commenter Don sums it up succinctly:

These monsters have done things that can never be undone and the total consequences will never be known.

You’re right, Don, but I will go one further: It’s not just depleted uranium or agent orange or Nigerian oil spills that nobody in the developed world ever hears about or the other explicit (albeit hidden) costs of imperialism. The stockpiles of nuclear and other weapons of mass- and indiscriminate destruction; the use of such weapons including depleted uranium, etc., the de facto strip-mining of the Earth’s resources — these are globally existential threats to peace and humanity.

Most people are probably aware of nuclear stockpiles, that cold war remnant with which nobody knows exactly what to do. But there is a reason you’ve probably never heard about the Nigerian oil spills or countless other exploitations of a people and an ecosystem; a reason you’ve probably never heard much about depleted uranium or white phosphorous. They do not want you to know.

And so you don’t.

These aren’t naturally occurring, rather the people at large were manipulated in to sowing the seeds (which will probably one day become the source of our collective destruction), all of these threats had their genesis in the ruling classes’ interests, as a means towards achieving some outcome they desired, consequences be damned.

The issue is this: There are simply no means available to deal with or to mitigate the loss or potential for loss attributable to  many of the problems that the State has created.  Even if we could abolish the state tomorrow, these problems they created which nobody wanted in the first place, remain.



  • Gil says on: August 2, 2010 at 12:49 am


    If “they” don’t want you to know and are all powerful then why don’t they shut down the Internet? Truth is most people aren’t informed about these thing is because either they don’t care or they be so easily informed they expect world news to fall onto their laps. News producers understand this therefore they decide which news people are most likely to find interesting then spoon feed it to them in the prime news hours. Typing the issues you claim people are ignorant in because of “them” into a search engine yields tons of search results. Hence where is the silence or the cover up? There isn’t any – people don’t care so they’re not going to go looking. It reminds of a guy who remembers how Communists proponents claimed they didn’t know of the real horrors of Communism until it was too little too late even tough such information was easily available but they didn’t want to know it.

  • David Z says on: August 2, 2010 at 11:17 am


    “Truth is most people aren’t informed about these thing is because either they don’t care or they be so easily informed they expect world news to fall onto their laps.”

    Indeed. Most people rely on mainstream media for their news consumption. In this regard, as the “fourth estate” the media has something of an obligation to cover actual news, not Octomom or Kate Gosselin.

    I see it as a chicken/egg problem: people don’t care about real news because MSM doesn’t cover it, and the MSM doesn’t cover it because people don’t care about it. They are essentially an oligopoly which depends a great deal upon access to information from the government. They are essentially a well-lubricated propaganda machine.

  • Don says on: August 4, 2010 at 7:59 pm


    There’s another angle in all of these things and it may be more prevalent than you think.

    What about all the people that ARE aware of these things and DO care and wish they hadn’t happened and are chomping at the bit to rid them or deal with them, but don’t know what to do? The state and all of its minions around the globe are enormous, 1,000,000 times more so than David and Goliath. So what is 1 person, or a thousand or a million to do?

    The body of people are so disjointed, so disorganized that there will never be any meeting of the minds and even if there was a meeting of the minds then what?

    You see where I’m going with this?

    This state is SO fucked up that I doubt anything short of complete annihilation of just about everything is the only thing that will ever restore peace on earth in all things.

    All of human history has been about a state, from the very beginning, and the destruction began at that time too. All along some people loathed the state and all of the horrors it wrought but were unable to do anything and now is no exception.

    The time to deal with any state is at the very beginning, at the individual level for if it’s not dealt with then it will grow and keep growing til it gets to where it is today.

    People have been the greatest plague to this planet but yet there are nothing but a small smear on a small percentage of the surface. In the grander scheme of things all of the people that have ever lived, combined, don’t equal even 1 percent of the magnitude of the earth. People cannot harm this planet nor can they destroy it. People can only destroy themselves and the other living things that reside here.

    After every living thing is destroyed down to the molecular level a new cycle will begin and it will be stronger and better than the last.

    The only way I can ever see this thing turning around is for the greatest exodus in world history to occur and this must happen in each person, one person at a time, for the rejection of the collective and the embracing and outright demand of staunch individualism. Nothing short of this will work.

    In the meantime, we live our lives, try to stay out of the drunken run of the state and hope that it fails under its own weight, and we prepare for and live for the day we will be free and try to convince as many as possible that they can be free if they want and the state can be abolished through rendering it irrelevent and when the state is gone we can set about repairing all of the damage it has done, untethered by the tyrannical rule that causes all to suffer for the benefit of a few.

    It starts with you.

no third solution

Blogging about liberty, anarchy, economics and politics